Cyfannol Women’s Aid and Newport Women’s Aid announce intention to merge

Cyfannol Women’s Aid and Newport Women’s Aid are delighted to announce their intention to merge, enabling the two charities to combine their skills, resources and specialist knowledge to enhance the support available to people affected by Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) across Gwent.

Both Cyfannol Women’s Aid and Newport Women’s Aid have provided support services in Gwent for over 40 years. Collectively the charities support more than 2000 people each year.

Through merger, specialist VAWDASV services across Gwent will be strengthened, bringing about new opportunities to consolidate and develop services and address gaps.

The charities are working together to achieve merger by the end of 2019.  As the larger organisation, Cyfannol Women’s Aid are the leading partner in the merger and will absorb Newport Women’s Aid’s undertakings.

Helen Swain, CEO of Cyfannol Women’s Aid, said:

“Cyfannol has a close working relationship with Newport Women’s Aid, which has developed further in recent years through our Gwella partnership. We are delighted to be taking this next step and look forward to a strong and positive future together.”

Ruth McKie, Chair of Newport Women’s Aid, said:

“Newport Women’s Aid welcomes this opportunity to extend its service provision, and continue to support those affected by domestic abuse in its widest forms.”