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My life started the day I left him. I went to performing arts college, learnt to drive, did a degree, and slowly forged a career in working with children...

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I knew nothing of domestic violence until I met my future husband at the age of 15. I was locked in his flat and prevented from going to school. I fell pregnant at the age of 16. Things gradually got worse from there.

In the folllowing seven years, I was continually punched, kicked and bruised; even when pregnant. Threats to kill me, my daughter or members of my family were a daily occurrence. I was 23 and had lost my family, lost my laughter, lost the sparkle in my eyes. I felt like a little invisible shadow. People knew, but I couldn’t tell anone, as I was so scared that my child would be taken away. I thought it I kept my mouth shut, then at least I had my daughter.

The trigger point came when he started to mentally abuse my daughter. She was petrified of him and repeatedly asked to be taken away to a happy home. One day he was injecting one of his mates whilst I was locked in an outhouse cupboard. I managed to push my way out and just ran. All I had was my child benefit book. With my younger sister’s help, we collected my daughter from school. We went straight to our local Women’s Aid office and I was referred into a refuge in Monmouthshire, which is run by Cyfannol Women’s Aid.

My life started the day I left him. I went to performing arts college, learnt to drive, did a degree and slowly forged a career in working with children. Since then, I’ve managed to really ground and distance myself from the girl who turned up at the refuge in all her utterly broken state. I now work with children who have experienced trauma, who are often emotionally numb, and it’s my passion to help bring them to life again.

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The Power of Storytelling

As a story volunteer, you can show other survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence that they are not alone. Your story can also inspire people to fundraise to support our vital services, and help us amplify the voices of survivors to raise awareness.

Whether you received support recently or years ago, we would love to hear about it, and share your experience to encourage others to reach out for help.

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