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Christmas Campaign 2023

Let’s come together during the festive season to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Let’s come together during the festive season to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. Cyfannol Women’s Aid would like to connect with caring people like you as we launch the “Christmas Magic” campaign. Join us in helping create Christmas magic, spreading festive warmth and hope to survivors and their families this Christmas.

Bethan has shared her story in the hope that others will support the Christmas Magic campaign and, together, we can rebuild lives and create a better future for survivors like her.

Bethan’s story:

As the festive season approaches, I find myself reflecting on the journey I’ve taken from darkness to light. My name is Bethan, and I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I want to share my story with you, not to dwell on the pain, but to highlight the incredible power of hope and the  impact your support can have.

Several years ago, I was trapped in a relationship that was anything but loving. Behind closed doors I lived in constant fear, walking on eggshells, and enduring both physical and emotional abuse. The festive season used to be a time of dread for me, as the appearance of happiness was expected, but the reality of my situation felt unbearable.

Then, a ray of light broke through the darkness. I reached out to Cyfannol Women’s Aid. From the moment I made that call, a lifeline was extended to me. They provided a safe space to share my story without judgment and connected me with support workers who offered devoted support.

I’ll never forget the warmth of that first Christmas. I was surrounded by new friends who had also walked this difficult path. The support I received, both emotionally and practically, enabled me to rebuild my life step by step.

Today, I share my story with you as a survivor; a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Every donation to the “Christmas Magic” campaign has the potential to change lives like mine. Your contribution could provide a lifeline for someone feeling trapped, someone who needs to know that hope is real, and a life free of abuse is possible.

As we approach this festive season, I am filled with gratitude for the support that helped me find my way from darkness to light. Join me in being a beacon of hope for others who are still fighting their way out. Your donation doesn’t just provide financial support; it sends a powerful message that survivors matter, that their lives are worth rebuilding, and that they are never alone.

This festive season, let’s stand together against domestic abuse.

Your donation, no matter the amount, can provide refuge, counselling, and vital support to survivors and their families. Join us in helping to create Christmas magic. Together, we can make this Christmas brighter for those who need it most.

What your support could do:


could cover the cost of a Christmas dinner for a family living refuge.


could cover the cost of a woman in crisis spending a night in safe emergency accommodation.


could cover the cost of three one-hour counselling sessions for a survivor of sexual violence.

You can also support us this festive season by hosting Christmas fundraisers for Cyfannol. Here are some fundraising ideas:

  • Christmas Jumper Day

    Set up a JustGiving fundraising page and get inspired with our Christmas fundraising pack. Host a Christmas Jumper Day in your workplace or school and donate £1, £2 or £5 for Cyfannol to help raise money to bring joy to families this Christmas.

  • Sending e-cards

    Why not send your Christmas card digitally this Christmas? Children and young people we’ve supported have designed Christmas cards you can send to loved ones with a small donation.

  • Shop online with us

    Unable to donate yourself this Christmas? Why not sign up to our Easyfundraising page and they will donate to us for FREE every time you shop with us.

Create Christmas Magic today

Every donation helps survivors flourish in a life free from domestic abuse and sexual violence. You can donate today buy clicking the link to help us create Christmas Magic. 

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