Admiral funding boost for girls groups

Tie-dye-shoesAs we approach the end of the year, we are delighted to share some positive news for 2022…

We have received a donation from Welsh financial services company Admiral as part of their Covid-19 Support Fund, which was set up to support communities and charities impacted by the pandemic.

This donation will facilitate the running of our girls’ groups in Monmouthshire and Torfaen – which are 100% reliant on donations to continue – until March 2023.

Our Girls Groups are for girls aged 11-15 who have previously lived in a home where they witnessed an unhealthy adult relationship. It’s a peer-led group overseen by our Girls Group Worker Jo and a volunteer. They meet for 8 sessions, based around art and craft projects. They focus on good, positive communication, healthy ways of expressing themselves, building self-esteem and resilience and looking at coping strategies. We are delighted by the amount the young people are prepared to share within these groups and how much support, kindness, and respect they show to each other.

We wouldn’t be able to continue these sessions without the generous donation we’ve received from Admiral. A huge thank you to them and to everyone who supports us to continue delivering our services.