Support for children and young people

We recognise the impact domestic abuse has on children and young people and the importance of supporting children from families where domestic abuse has been an issue. 

We work closely with other agencies to provide a holistic approach to supporting families.

In Refuge

There is a Children and Young People’s Worker attached to both family refuges to provide one-to-one support and play and therapeutic activities.

In the Community

Our Children and Young People’s Workers also provide tailored support sessions and groups for children in the community.

Mentoring Project

Cyfannol Women’s Aid runs a mentoring programme for boys aged 5-16 who have experienced domestic abuse. The aim is to help them with behavioural challenges and managing feelings they might be experiencing.

A mentor will take the child out once a week for a year (under 11s) or once a week for 12 weeks (for those aged 11-16). Mentors encourage the child to find their strengths and make positive changes.

This project is run in partnership with Chance UK, with funding provided via Children in Need. If you would like to know more about the programme or becoming a volunteer, please download the leaflet contact us on 01873 859011 or email

STAR Groups

Our range of STAR (Safety Trust And Respect) groups include an after-school club for children aged 6-12 and a group for young people 14-25. The groups are for children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse and referrals can be made through other agencies or direct enquiries. The STAR groups help children to understand and explore their feelings around what they have experienced at home, through a mixture of games, activities and discussion around topics including domestic abuse, feelings, safety planning, anger and healthy relationships. These group programmes have been developed in conjunction with Welsh Women’s Aid.

The Hideout is a dedicated space for children and young people to understand domestic abuse – who can help, how friends can support those encountering it and how to take positive action if it’s happening to them.

Developed by Women’s Aid, the Hideout provides children and young people focused information about what domestic abuse is, answers frequently asked questions, includes personal stories, quizzes, videos and games, as well as information on what they can do if they are experiencing domestic abuse and to dealing with their feelings. It includes quotes from celebrities and a virtual refuge which they can explore.

There is also a small section for adults with links to helpful resources.

You can contact us for further information on any of our Children and Young People’s services